Thursday, January 8, 2009

Toughness is there; Hendrick still a weenie

Brad May has certainly brought what he was supposed to bring. Some toughness and willingness to get dirty.

It's currently between the 2nd and 3rd period of a very dirty affair between the Leafs and Canadiens. There is some bad blood, to say the least, between these two teams. Kostopoulos's pile driving of Van Ryn's face into the glass, Kostitsyn's trip of Schenn, and Grabovski's quite flagrant spear are in the minds of the players tonight. And it shows.

It has been chippy from the get go.

Thanks to Jamal Mayers for avenging the cheapshot.

I'm a believer that the bare knuckle fist fighting that goes on hockey doesn't need to be there; But I'll certainly cheer and get excited for a good old fight.


Am I crazy, or does Sportsnet have Paul Hendrick as a pseudo-analyst as well? I can understand why a TV station run by MLSE could make such a idiotic decision. But Sportsnet? They can do better than that.

One of Hendrick's quips tonight was this, and I'm paraphrasing slightly because I didn't write down the exact quote since my eyes went red with anger at the stupidity of this man: "Blake just pushed a Canadien player as he skated to the bench".

Really? A hockey player nudged another hockey player? That never happens. Thank you, Hendrick for advising us of that breaking news.

This man needs to be bound, gagged and locked in closet from the moment the puck drops in any hockey game within 50 miles of him, until the final whistle. He is not a hockey analyst. There are coaches of blind hockey teams that know about about hockey this guy. (Ed Note: There are actually blind hockey teams out there. My father coached one. The puck beeped. Players aren't 100% blind, but rather, legally blind.)

Anyway, I'm going back to the TV to watch the Leafs play more stellar defensive hockey and eventually lose 8-1.

I hope Ian White's Mustache gets into a fight with a Kostisyn. Either one. I'm not picky.

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blurr1974 said...

Hendrick is most definitely a weenie...

he always injects something that seems to make the other two a tad uncomfortable for his stupidity.