Sunday, February 1, 2009

I propose a rule change

Not that it matters much on my little blog, but I'm getting quite peeved with the amount of fighting that goes on directly after a crushing body check.

It has happening all over the league and enough is enough.

I don't know when over the past 5 years it became the norm for a player to go after someone who through a big hit. It's time the NHL does something about this.

Luke Schenn has been on both sides of this equation. The first time occurred way back in October. I can't remember who was involved, but Schenn immediately went over and started a fight with the player who delivered the hit. Then last night, Schenn after destroying Malkin (easily one of the highlights of the season BTW), had to face the music against Tyler Kennedy.

This sort of behaviour is going to lead to less and less people delivering hits, as the middle weights on teams will be afraid of having to go toe to toe with a guy like Brashear, Laroque, or Boogaard.

Here's what I propose. Simple and sweet. Anyone who initiates a fight with someone who delivered a big body check for remainder of the game receives a 2 minute penalty and a 10 minute misconduct. If it happens in the last 5 minutes of the game, they are suspended for the following game.

It penalizes the team, sits down the goon for a period of time, and encourages players to enact retribution the way it is supposed to be done: catching the player with his head down and delivering a bone crushing hit in return.

Of course, we all know that won't happen with Schenn. He is omnipotent afterall.


eyebleaf said...

That hit by Schenn was just lovely to watch.

And I'm glad he laid the smack down on that little twerp Kennedy. Idiot.

Leafer1984 said...

The fight that Schenn was involved in, are you referring to the Neil on Stajan hit?
If so, that was because it looked like Neil was trying to kneee him.
I think you might be referring to the Davidson one tho

Jaredoflondon said...

I agree with any chance to punch Chris Neil in his stupid fat head

Alec Brownscombe said...

Nailed it again, R_O. This is a huge peeve of mine. You gotta post more often my man.

Here's another problem... I was thinking on Saturday about how it was good strategy to initiate a fight with the opposing team's best defender in order to get him off the ice for 5 minutes. I'd be very surprised if this doesn't happen intentionally.

Brad said...

Very true alec. A good friend of mine also pointed out that my rule change could encourage a slew of players to put themselves out of position in first 10 minutes trying to throw a big hit to get protection for the rest of the game.

So for sure this isn't an answer but better hockey minds than mine need to find a solution.

Alec Brownscombe said...

Brad... if you get this, toss me an e-mail at