Saturday, October 11, 2008

No So Great Follow up

In stark contrast to Thursday, the Leafs we're flat, undisciplined, uninspired and for most of the night, shell shocked.

Could this be a sign of what this team actually is? Yes. A team of hard working, fresh faces, and a group that's trying to become a new identity. In an environment such as currently exists on Toronto, efforts like tonight are bound to happen.

You take them for what they are; A prime example of what happens when you rebuild a team. There will be nights like Thursday where you see promise and direction. Then there will be nights like tonight where you see confusion and clutter.

There we're some positives of note:

  • Carlo made the collective hold their breath while we witnessed what could have been the end to the Carlo Injury Pool. Thankfully, it's not over yet.
  • Matt Stajan did his best "I just got my face re-arranged by plexiglass but I'm going to pretend it didn't hurt" impression.
  • The game could have had an entirely different feel if the Leafs scored in the first instead of marking up the post with vulcanized rubber when it was 0-0 still.
  • Antropov would be a real hit at weddings; His chicken dance to score a no-goal was fantastic.

Faceoffs were improved over Thursday. Three shots hit the iron. It wasn't all bad.

All the games can't be near perfection as they were two nights ago.

Take that with you to sleep tonight as we brace ourselves for some real nasty articles in the press tomorrow.

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eyebleaf said...

I too thought the CC injury pool was all wrapped up. Shockingly, he returned