Friday, October 31, 2008

Berger Needs To Be Fired, Now.

What an absolute joke.

Howard Berger's latest entry is nothing short of a complete disgrace to the entire company of Rogers Communication.

It is a disgusting diatribe that reeks of unprofessionalism.

It's not even worthy of a rebuttal.

Howard Berger needs to be relieved of his duties immediately.

The only acceptable reason not to fire him would be if there is evidence that this posting was not his own.

Because even by Berger's standards, this entry is extremely belittling. So perhaps it was not actually written by him. How he manages to John-Kerry-Flip-Flop from "the NHL’s surprise team of the first three weeks" to "Arguably the worst team in the National Hockey League since the lockout" in less than 24 hours is unexplainable. The style of the entire entry doesn't even read like normal.

It all likeliness, however, it was Howard's writing.

Somehow, he's managed to find a new low. I didn't think it was possible.


Chemmy said...

I don't want any unkind words about John Kerry.

Repressed Optimism said...

Truth be told, I wanted him.

Of course, what non-american with a functioning brain didn't?

The Meatriarchy said...

I didn't. I hated that zombie.

Pension Plan Puppets said...

The good thing is that without Kerry the world can have Obama now. I like that trade.